a study of self.

lost adults intents to shape environments that incentivize growth and timeless change within oneself and ultimately our surroundings.

preserving individual authenticity is paramount;

the objective is to encourage and escort oneself throughout one's solitary journey of self-exploration without taking a defining role.



to this date, selling product wasn’t a priority.

Thus, my main focus was on building a solid foundation and not rushing things but giving myself time to grow, .

get an idea on how this industry works and figure out what I truly want to build with LA whilst
delicately navigating the project towards the bigger vision and most importantly working on myself.

no fincancing, no marketing plan, no lookbooks, but the intent to build a cohesive body of work.


Pioneer a new era for lifestyle brands;

i aim on turning LA into a global lifestlyle brand that goes far beyond clothing, touching various industries;

such as homegoods, hospitality, living solutions, tech, consumer packaged goods...